Coincidence ‘Climate crisis-COVID19-demography Africa’

Unprecedented opportunities for Industry-AU and Industry-EU

Africa's Industrialisation makes the Planet Greta again

Out of self-interest EU-industrialists contribute to Africa's inclusive, sustainable growth,  contain climate change and pandemics
Africa, a new market with 25% of the active world population

               'HOW DARE YOU', Greta Thurnberg to world leaders 23/9/2019

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  • The challenge is enormous, reconciling Africa's economic and social progress with the radical human behavioral changes and technological innovation needed to prevent climate warming and pandemics.
  • Industrial SME-partnerships Africa-Europe and EU industrial investors strengthen the geopolitical power of the neighbors 'African Union' and 'European Union' in global consultations on collective, unpopular behavioral changes and on technological innovation. 

Africa’s priorities:

  • to transform locally its natural resources into ‘competitive’ products;
  • only a rather large-scale industrialization creates more quality jobs every year than Africa’s demographic growth;
  • the urgent, permanent, massive transfer of advanced industrial business processes and technologies.

Contributions of Africa's modern, advanced industrialization to avert the climate crisis and prevent pandemics

Short value chains. The local processing of African raw materials, in the short chain, for local and neighbouring markets, leads to a significant reduction in transport kilometres, CO2 emissions and virus spread.
Deglobalisation. The increase in well-being in Africa creates an important higher educated middle class and a positive cycle of investments and innovations. The shining example of Africa stimulates worldwide a balanced spread of advanced production in the short value chain close to the end user.
Demography. Increasing well-being automatically reduces African population explosion and its ecological footprint.
Eternal renewable energy. In Africa, modern agro-, food- and manufacturing industries make grateful use of decentralized off-grid hydro-solar-wind energy sources, eternally renewable, inexpensive, without recourse to inefficient, visually polluting high-voltage lines.

Biodiversity. Solar pumps & irrigation stimulate reforestation, create new farmland and combat desertification.

Carbon fixation. Relocation of manufacturing industries to Africa forces the West to innovate faster in a new, low-carbon economy and new technologies, including for carbon capture.

New geopolitical block. Despite growing nationalism, advanced EU industrial investments in Africa encourage the creation of a new informal but powerful geopolitical partnership between neighbours  AU-EU able to convince current world leaders, the United States and China, of unpopular measures needed to save the planet: tax on CO2 emissions, consumption (meat), reforestation, urbanization, demography, etc. No country, no continent can on its own reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contain pandemics.


Solid industrial EU flagship companies and SME-partnerships that invest massively in Africa in modern infrastructures and advanced agro, food, manufacturing and related services

  • help manage the climate problem: changed human behaviour patterns and accelerated introduction of climate innovation systems;
  • act as permanent SME management schools: decades of stigmatizing help and advice from Western 'experts' and homeopathic loans to SMEs and start-ups did not result in a tangible impact on African society;
  • make the important African financial class responsible for investing in a productive economy rather than in trade and residential real estate, with low labour content;
  • encourage the emergence of a mature African middle class that realizes the SDGs from the inside;
  • create a huge emerging market (25% active world population), also for EU upscale products and services; 
  • Prevent China from fully taking over the EU's neighbour Africa, a continent EU historical/cultural ties;
  • strengthen the geopolitical role of the AU and the EU, also for human rights and free trade (Europe and Africa can change global politics in a ‘revolutionary’ way, F. Mogherini, 8/11/2018).

Advanced EU-Industries who invest NOW in Africa make the dream come true of both "Greta" and "climate optimists", contain pandemics and perpetuate their own future.


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