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The fetishism of some large consulting firms

ILLUSIONS. Start-up : la fabrique à rêve

ILLUSIONS. Start-ups: the dream factory

In France the public authorities are betting heavily on start-ups for its economic recovery. However, when it comes to employment and innovation, the promise seems difficult to keep. "Entrepreneur is the new France!", launched Emmanuel Macron on June 15, 2017 in front of an enthusiastic audience at VivaTech, this trade show that wants to be the French equivalent of the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, the great mass of start-ups. "The France is a country of entrepreneurs, it is a country of start-ups, but I want it to also become a country of unicorns, large new groups, the country of tomorrow's giants." This credo, the President of the Republic continues to make his compass, even in the heart of the storm of yellow vests: economic reconquest goes through the culture and growth of young shoots of French Tech. It remains to be seen whether this ambition is really within the country's reach and adapted to the challenges it faces.

Marc Chevallier 01/03/2019 ‘Alternatives Economiques.


Entreprendre dans l’Ouest. "La startup est un mythe sociétal !"

Entrepreneurship in the West. "The startup is a societal myth!"

Ouest-France  Christian VEYRE   Publié le 23/09/2018     

Startup Nation, la grande illusion

Startup Nation, the great illusion

In recent years, the word startup has become a real sesame for some and to make the entire financial planet salivate. This is the future, we must invest in it, in these new technologies etc etc. Except that so far, the result and return on investment is simply catastrophic. According to a study by CB Insights, 42% of startups currently fail because they offer futile and useless products or services that simply do not meet a market need. Especially 90% do not even pass the 5-year mark and 74% of them are in deficit as well.

Laurent Bastidon·Thursday, June 14, 2018


La Grande Illusion de la création d’emploi par les start-up

The Great Illusion of Job Creation by Start-ups

In France, start-up creations are growing exponentially, but the job creation they generate is only linearly evolving.

  • 94% of job creation without employees. 
  • Very low business survival rate. 
  • The tree that hides the forest. The few successes that the media boast about are the trees that hide the forest. Every day, we hear about fundraising of several million euros but this ultimately concerns less than 50 companies that have already been in existence for several years.

Par Jacques-Charles Flandin. Un article d’Emploi2017  ‘Contrepoints’

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